Little Buddy Official Kirby Adventure Cupid Kirby 5.5" Plush Doll

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Your favorite Kirby character is brought to life with these adorable designed plushies! These plush are made with high quality material to ensure a long lasting life. With it's awesome design and soft features, it is sure to excite any Nintendo fan! Cupid (known as Angel in Japanese versions) is one of Kirby's copy abilities, making its debut in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror and later returning in Kirby: Squeak Squad. It is a heavenly ability that gives Kirby a whole slew of useful ranged attacks. Upon inhaling Cupie, Kirby gains feathery wings, a halo, a bow and an endless supply of heart-shaped arrows. Cupid Kirby can effortlessly fly around and shoot pointy arrows at enemies. The number of arrows Cupid Kirby uses is based solely of how long the player holds down the B button. The longer it is held, the more arrows Kirby uses. Unfortunately, the arrows fall to the ground after traveling a short distance. To make up for that though, Kirby is also able to angle his shots to make sure he can hit the enemy. The ability's name was presumably changed to Cupid to avoid religious connotations, much like the changing of the name of Demon Beasts in the anime.
  • Officially Licensed Plush!
  • Soft, durable, detailed and very cute!
  • Perfect for Cuddling, Collecting and playing!
  • Limited availability, brand new with polybag!
  • Approx. Size: 6"L x 3"W x 5.5"H